санфаянс in Ялте и на Южном берегу Крыма

Аквамаркет, магазин

Sanitary ware, Ceramic tiles, Building materials shops

Хозтовары, магазин

Sanitary ware, Household goods, Interior doors and arches, Instrument, Building materials shops

Слободка, ТЦ

Sanitary ware, Ceramic tiles, Instrument, Building materials shops, Floor covering, Components

Стройка, магазин

Electric wiring equipment, Sanitary ware, Building materials, glasswork and mirrors, Windows, Metal products, paint-and-lacquer materials, Ceramic tiles, Interior doors and arches, Entrance doors, Building materials shops

Хозяин, магазин

Household supplies, Sanitary ware, paint-and-lacquer materials, Ceramic tiles, Houseware, Building materials shops
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